Dining options

A journey is never complete without a taste of local food. To help you make the best of your culinary experience during your stay, we offer a wide range of dining options to choose from. For those seeking interaction with the locals, we have fun food-related activities; for those who wish to dine in the privacy of the farmhouse, we can arrange for savory meals to be delivered from nearby restaurants. And let's not forget more classic options such as eating out or cooking for yourself.
When making reservations, consult our team to arrange your own dining experience.

Cook with the village grannies

Every experience starts with a seasonal task such as picking vegetables or making dried persimmons. Then, you get to cook and eat a tasty hearty meal with the grannie.

Our cooking activity is the perfect way to experience the authentic taste of tradition. And what better way to discover local food than to be taught by a cute grannie.

Check the activity page for more details
Check the activity page for more details

Have breakfast and/or
dinner delivered

All the meals are prepared using plenty of local seasonal ingredients and include typical dishes of the Yamaura area.

Dining privately in the quiet of the farmhouse is also an excellent way to spend the evening. You can have a delicious meal prepared by a local restaurant and delivered to the house, or you can pick it up on the way after checking in.

Eat out

There are plenty of restaurants and Japanese inns catering to all tastes and budgets. We will help you find the most suitable options for you.

If you like eating out, we have various all-inclusive plans providing special menus, taxi pick-up and drop-off, and sometimes access to hot spring baths.

Make your own meal

For those who cannot go shopping or simply like locally grown food, we can prepare a selection of fresh ingredients gathered from farmers and producers in the area.

Every farmhouse has a fully equipped kitchen with utensils and an essential selection of seasonings so that you can cook to your heart’s content and enjoy a homemade meal with your family or friends.